“Call me when you’re ready.”

She wasn’t so bad.  Definitely the type who in Middle School was super smart and opinionated with no social skills, but we’d been warned, so actually found her sort of amusing.

The vaginal ultrasound showed good news: I have a lot of healthy, big follicles. (After describing my eggs as “Middle aged used cars that have been parked in a garage for 31 years” she was pleased to see I had more follicles than she expected.)  Risks discussed were minimal and very generic, with her positive emphasis that my “young” age is a major benefit.  I am so glad we didn’t wait any longer- 2 years can make a big difference.

The bad news: Doctor told us male factor infertility is thought to be genetic for certain men.  If Ryan carries this gene (to be determined by genetic testing later this month) chances are our test-tube conceived son would be infertile, too.  This was concerning, especially when combined with our preexisting tampering-with-God misgivings of IVF.

All things considered the Doctor estimated we have a 95% chance of success with IVF.  Shockingly high, yes, but this 95% assumes we’ll get about 6 healthy embryos out of the deal, freeze some, and if implantation fails the first round by the time we run through all 6-ish we’ll have a 95% chance of getting pregnant.

Too good to be true? The big shock came at the end when she handed me an itemized pricing list.  All out the door with drugs and embryo freezing: $15,200.  Not including round 2, 3 or 4 (about $3,000 a piece) if implantation fails the first time.  Call me naïve, but I was expecting more like $8,000.  I’d heard IVF could run $10K-$15K but thought that included all the preliminary testing like blood work and ultrasounds and IUI which so far our insurance has covered or we haven’t had to do.

$8,000 I could stomach, but $15,000 gave me major sticker shock.  The Doctor does financing, but the rates aren’t that great.  The thought of a $500/month payment for 3 years is nauseating.  How do we pay for childcare once the baby is born?!

Our other options?  I have $16,000 in a 401K that I’d hate to cash out.  Maybe pull together $5,000 up front, take $5,000 out of the 401K and finance the rest- a discussion for Ryan and I, I know, not the blog.  How does Ryan feel?  Last night he didn’t want to talk about it and was more concerned with his 6am flight this morning (business).  And I understand, it’s a lot to process and think about.

In a way though it’s such a relief to be this close.  To hear “Call me when you’re ready,” and know I could actually be pregnant in a few months.  We aren’t ready to make that call just yet.  First I need to talk to my husband and see where his ever-changing emotions have landed today.  We also have some more blood tests to order.  And research – time to call Kaiser and see what their pricing is, if insurance covers even the drugs, and what my FSA will do for us.  At $15,200 I am looking for any discount out there.


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