Prepare for the Best, Hope for the Best

Even though our infertility goals are still undefined, I’ve been moving forward step by step.  Should Ryan and I conjure up the funding and the guts to do IVF in January, I want to be prepared.  There have been an awful lot of administrative tasks to take care of on the back end, so best to get things out of the way while I can.

This week I got a ton of blood work done (infectious diseases, blood cell count, etc.), ordered by Dr. Mean, performed by Kaiser, and fully covered by insurance.  All tests came back normal.

I found out after the fact Ryan was supposed to get blood work done, too.  Oops.  Ordering that today.

I also met with a neurologist and officially got the ok to stop taking my seizure medicine! Hurrah! Not having this Rx on my medical history majorly un-complicates my life.

With no seizure medication on my profile I was able to order Dr. Mean’s preferred birth control.  As many know, birth control is the very first preliminary step of IVF.  Getting closer….


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