Stim Day 2/Cycle Day 2


Obligatory IVF Medication shot. They even gave me a bio hazardous medical waste container, which is a first.

I’m on Day 2 of Stims, technically Cycle Day 2. I do 225 IU of Follistim in the morning and 75 IU of Menopur at night.  So far I feel a little drugged, headachy and cranky, but I am also on my period.  So I’m doing incredibly well considering that I’m on my period and getting 2 injections a day of hormones.

Ryan is a licensed paramedic, so the injections are a walk in the park for him. I joke that we are the best equipped couple ever to walk the IVF plank; Ryan with a medical background and myself with a finance background.  What else do you need to navigate this world, other than a gift for needle handling and serious budgeting skills? We got it in spades.


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