Cycle/ Stim Days 7&8 – and Slow Rising Estradiol

Saturday (CD 6) I woke up at 4:45 am to get to the  blood lab by 7:30 and make my ultrasound appointment. The Doctor was again pleased with my quick progress and told me to overnight my Lupron since I’d be most likely doing a trigger shot Monday, retrieval Wednesday. Whooo hooo!

But then I got a call in the afternoon- my blood work came back and the Doctor thought the lab made a mistake since it was so low, the asked me to have my blood drawn again the next morning just to be safe. So up again at the crack of dawn to drive to San Francisco (fortunately I didn’t have to go all the way to the clinic) for blood work. Results are back and it’s still low. Rising, but not as quickly as expected.

So all I can do is google what this means and freak myself out. The nurse called to tell me to come back in AGAIN tomorrow (Monday) and see where I am. Another early morning, 5 hours round trip, bridge toll, gas, you get it. I asked the nurse as much as I could. Why does this mean? Should I be concerned? She told me no, to keep taking my regular dosages and ask the Doctor when I see him tomorrow.

And I pray for the Lord to walk with me through this.



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