Stim Day/ CD 11: Trigger Shot and a good hormonal cry

The estradiol is increasing, which they say is good, but at a peculiarly slow rate compared to the wild growth of my follicles.  Dr. still ok’d me for the trigger shot last night, CD 10, and I left the office with specific instructions and times on when to take my last injections of menopur, follistim, ganirelix and the HCG and Lupron triggers.

I told the case manager “I think I’m out of ganirelix,” but she insisted I wasn’t.  They ship in packs of 5, and it was my 5th day, so she was certain I had some.  So I happily went to work and when I came home in the evening for my shots I looked in my gigantic bag ‘o drugs and guess what, no ganirelix.  The case manager counted wrong, and it was day 6, not 5, and I had used up all my injections.  I wasn’t sure how critical ganirelix was, but I do know that it prevents ovulation, so was I supposed to still trigger if I was at risk of ovulating?

In the next hour I proceeded to call the after-hours messaging line no less than 15 times and got disconnected every single time.  I had a small meltdown.  Ok, a proper meltdown.  Cried, texted angry texts to Ryan, cursed the case manager and envisioned all $18K lost and a cycle canceled.

I finally got through on the answering line at 8 pm, 2.5 hours after I was supposed to do the injection.  They called the doctor but couldn’t get through.  I was supposed to take the trigger at 8:30, and waited until 8:45 and called one last time to see if I could get the doctor before injecting $1K worth of drugs in me and effectively ringing a bell that can’t be un-rung.  No response.

So I triggered at 8:45.

The doctor called me back at 9 pm, sounding slightly annoyed, and said “you don’t need ganirelix.  I wouldn’t have included that in your protocol anyway.  Go for blood work in the morning and you should be fine.”

Seriously?  Is the medication protocol that cavalier? Whatever.  I expended enough anger prior to this call to still be irritated, so I went to sleep, got up at 5 do drive an hour, over the fog embanked Golden Gate and into San Francisco for blood work.  Egg retrieval scheduled for tomorrow, CD 12, unless I get a call today regarding something in my lab….

In all honesty, the tears, the tantrum, the release of emotion last night felt pretty darn good.


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