Egg Retrieval

We did the retrieval yesterday  – CD 12.  Are you ready for this?  They got 29 eggs, 26 mature.  They call me a “high responder.” Today I will hear how many fertilized.

Of course my body performing well was expected.  As far as we know, no issues there.  Ryan produced a fresh sample and the miraculous news was the Doctor told us “the sample looked good, you probably won’t need the frozen back up.”  WHAT?! Ryan worked so hard to get that beautiful sample frozen, and in the last few months he has not been careful AT ALL about diet or lifestyle habits.  We’ll see.

It was quick; we arrived at the clinic at 7:30 a.m., left by 10:00 a.m. and went home to watch movies and pet our cats.  All day I had pain, but not terrible – similar to period cramps but not quite.

It feels so good to have the bulk of the work behind us, and everything now is in God’s hands – as well as the embryologist’s. I’ve felt bloated and stuffed full of eggs since I started doing injections, and still feel like I did 2,000 transverse abdominal sit ups.  I am looking forward to being able to resume exercise and feel better, and I’m alllmost there.  I am taking next week off work (I ended up telling my boss I am having “minor surgery,” but gave no specifics) and am SO looking forward to a break, a transfer, and low stress.  I told my boss I’d be “on call” this week for blood work and consultations, and fortunately he was out of town for part of the time so didn’t realize how much I was gone.   Again, I’m glad to have the burden of coordinating time off behind me as well.

We did it.  We did an IVF cycle.

We are both happy.  Ryan tells me he’s excited.  He used to stress and hate that sample room so much, but lately he’s resigned himself to it and started to see nothing but humor in the situation.  For this reason he was a giggly mess while sitting with me in recovery, recounting his experience, and the nurses told us that was a good sign.  “So many couples come in here stressed and worried.”  We’ve definitely been that couple before, and will be again, but yesterday we were lighthearted.

Will those sperm have bent necks, and will they fertilize?  The doctors say it should be successful.  We will hear about it today.

UPDATE: Of the 26 mature, 19 were fertilized.  They say this is above average.  Holy Cow! Ryan’s sperm came through! We will hear more on Monday regarding how many made it to day 5.  Transfer day set for Tuesday.


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