Today we transferred a “beautiful” 5 day blast.  There are 6 others that will be frozen, possibly a couple more depending on how they look tomorrow.

In a nutshell, the last few days have been uncomfortable.

I expected the recovery from the retrieval to be quick; I went to work the day after, but was in so much pain by noon that I came home on my lunch break and laid on the couch.  Couldn’t eat or drink, just waited for the throbbing in my head and ovaries and the distended stomach to subside.  The cramping eventually went away, but not the feeling of fullness or bloating.  I can’t take a deep breath or eat a big meal; there simply is no room in my torso.

Today the doctor confirmed my ailments and said I am borderline overstimulated.  He gave us the option of freezing the embryos and coming back later for a transfer after my body recovered.  If we did a fresh transfer and it lead to pregnancy, I was at risk of my symptoms getting worse before they get better.

Well after confirming that a fetus would not be harmed by my over stimulation, I said let’s TRANSFER! I am here, I am anxious, let’s do this!!

So we did – hooray!  I am told to eat a “high protein and Gatorade diet” which is as odd as it sounds.  Salt, meat, Gatorade and not much else will help drain the fluids in my body.  I am told to avoid fruits and vegetables and dairy, which is torture for me and also counterintuitive to a healthy pregnancy diet, but it’s only until my symptoms improve. My blood test date is 8/17.

The final interesting piece of news today was when we spoke with the embryologist about Ryan’s sperm.  Ryan produced a fresh sample the day of the retrieval with a count of 2.5M – better than his frozen sample back in May that he dieted months to prepare for.  The lab saw no bent necks, no cause for concern, and did not have to use the frozen sample at all.  The embryologist had no idea whatsoever what could have been going on 2 years ago when our IVF cycle was canceled.  The embryologist laughed and said “clearly you fertilize just fine!”  They told us again what healthy looking embryos we have – and a lot!

Today I feel so blessed.  I thank God,  I praise Him for science and for His timing and for healthy embryos.  We have a successful cycle behind us – and now we wait!



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